Come visit Crafting A Brand and our beer marketing colleagues at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, April 8-11. You'll find us at the Promote The Brew Marketing Resources Lounge (in Lounge 1, across from the breakout session rooms). Between the five of us, we're a one-stop hub for all of your craft brewery marketing needs.

Bad Rhino

West Chester, PA
Marty McDonald, Rich DeMatteo, Ashley Owens and Eric Wilkes • Social Media Strategy

Crafting a Brand

Rochester, NY
Glenn Clark • Brand strategy and creative packaging, design and communications


Vancouver, BC
Laurie Millotte from Outshinery • Photography and bottle images

Promote The Brew

Delafield, WI
Scott & Steve Schmidt • Promotional marketing and the Market The Brewpodcast


Emily Hutto, Aaron Sprengeler, Chea Franz, and Erin Hamrick • Marketing Communications and Media Relations